Sixty years back little Kamala had one question. Janaki Granny living in their lane used to sit in her window and aimlessly stare outside. Why? Kamala’s mother had told her that in old age, while leading a life of abject loneliness, that was her pitiable attempt to stay connected with the world outside. Right then and there, Kamala decided that in her old age she will never let herself become so pathetic.

Today at the age of seventy years, Kamala never stands in the window to pass time however bored she may be! Instead of that she uses the laptop given by her grandson to write letters to people, emails. This propels her into an obsession with the Internet and she gets an idea of communicating with people through her own blog.

But who will respond to an old woman like her? Then on the suggestion from her grandson, she makes up an imaginary young girl of 25, and using references mentioned by him about love affairs of youngsters, she begins writing her blog. After this she starts receiving responses from many and then Kamala becomes totally addicted to that.

In this way instead of the window of the house, Kamala spends all her time at the Internet window. Both windows are equally meaningless.

Kamala’s virtual personality on the blog went on blossoming and at the same time in real life the illness Dementia went on fading out her memories. Later on we confront Kamala, who is using illusive imprints from her memory together with her weakening imagination to find meanings in everyday life.

The witness to her journey right from the beginning is her grandson Prasad. Looking at her state he gets very distressed, but along with it, the futility of the supposedly crucial things in life touches his mind.